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Cheap ads in popular ezine!





Paid ads for as little as $2!!!

Below are listed the various type of advertisements that are accepted by my ezine and the associated fees, which are minimal compared to other ezines! Payment is to be made prior to each ad that is run and is transacted by e-gold. Full e-gold explanation at bottom of page.

Type of advertising. Price in US $.

Text ad with link displayed in ezine email.   $2                  

Text ad with link displayed on download page. $2                       

 Solo email with a free ebook download for reader. $20               (ebook provided by us unless you want to provide one.)

The third option for $20 sends an email with only your offer in it to every member of my ezine with a link to a downloadable ebook that is provided by me for them as a reward for reading your text ad. This has a very high response rate. The first and second options consist of a text ad of up to 50 words provided by you to be put into the specified part of my ezine (the email or download page).

Payment is to be sent to e-gold account 466293.

Include a memo indicating which form of advertisement you want.

E-gold payment option - a description

E-gold is a form of electronic currency, every cent backed by the equal amount of gold bullion, to make it perfect for internet transactions. To exchange money using e-gold both the exchangers must have an e-gold account. All money paid into the account is converted into an amount of gold - e.g 12 grams. When sending money you chooses which currency to send the money in (US$, UKú etc) and the gold is converted to that currency by the current exchange rate. Sending the payment is basically like sending an e-mail. Its that easy, all you have to do is sign up for a free account, fill in a few questions and you're ready to interact with thousands of companies!

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To contact me about advertisement questions send an email with the title "PA" to .

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee the effectiveness of any form of advertisement placed in my ezine. There are no refunds of payment. If you cannot agree to this then do not advertise in my ezine.