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This is my links page, if you want on it then all you have to do is to send an e-mail to with your site address, a brief description of it and a e-mail address to reply to. I'll have your link up within a week, however I expect to have a link on your site to If there's no link on your site to my site you can bet that your listing here won't stay around long!

Does your site offer 100% FREE  or cheap ebooks? If it does don't hesitate to send me an email and I'll place a link to you.

Fairgo ebooks

Publishes good quality ebooks...they published my novel, what more is to be said...they have taste. They also have a selection of top quality  novels available for low prices!

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Link swap

This site lets you exchange links with other websites of a similar nature, bringing you targeted traffic.

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Ken Sweet

A seriously cool site. Check it out for Ken's opinion on everything from the Xbox to what his life was like in the past. 

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Monkey Media

Sells a wide variety of ebooks. If you came to my site looking to buy an ebook but my novel didn't interest you then check this site out, your bound to find something you like.

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One Women's Quiet Moments

Read the thoughts of one woman and express your own. A woman's daily journal with a message board.

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ebook publisherz website

This website has a very large collection of links to lots of other ebook websites, if you can't find the type of site you're looking for here then chances are it doesn't exist!

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Free Fiction

A  FREE novels website with, in my opinion, fantastic ebook covers. Amazingly the plots of these free ebooks out match their covers! Have a newsletter as well to inform you of developments.

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As this is a new site there's much space for development...