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Make money from emails! A working scheme!

Step 1: Join several paid to read email programs(3 below), it should take you about 5 - 10 minutes and that's it for today! Remember at the end of this three day course you'll own a course similar to this one but with it advertising your paid to read email programs - you can't fail. This will build you a down line quickly! This course shows you how to build a site like this one advertising your programs, how to effectively promote it, and most importantly of all - everything's FREE! All it takes is a little effort!

Note: All these sites use e-gold to send you payments. Go to e-gold's website to sign up for a free account. While joining the email companies below save all your referral codes you get from them in a text file, you'll need it tomorrow.

The Really Pages

New style of paid email company. No minimum payout level (Wither you make $100 or $0.0000001 you get paid by e-gold!). They pay you 50% of advertising revenue! 2 Referral levels!


High amount per email (up to 5cents), pays out at $1. You could easily get this without any referrals, but the more the merrier.

Ad Click Mail

Low payout of $5 by e-gold. 5 referral levels! Looks good. High amount per email and lots of them, feasible to collect payment without referrals in a month or two!


The new ebook novella by thescottishdude. Written by the founder of this course. Click for more info.




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